Access App Team

The Access App team was a diverse consortium of museums and cultural organizations, under the leadership of some of the most experienced education, interpretation, accessibility and technology professionals in the field. A special thank you also goes out to the Perkins School for the Blind, who gave us invaluable advice and support over the years, particularly Kim Charlson and Jim Denham.

Over the course of the three year project, some of the core team remained the same whilst others contributed and then moved on to other jobs and projects. The following lists everybody significantly involved at some point in the collaboration.


Audience Focus

Marianna Adams, Principal

Kennedy Center

Jessica Swanson, Manager of Accessibility

Museum of Science, Boston

Christine Reich, Vice President of Exhibit Development and Conservation

Anna M. Lindgren-Streicher, Manager, Research & Evaluation


Stuart Alter, Director of Technology Strategy

Gray Bowman, technologist

Jill Dodge, Digital Graphic Designer

Kyle Jaebker, Director

Illya Moskvin, Senior Software Developer

Museums & the Web

Nancy Proctor, Executive Director of the MuseWeb Foundation

Peabody Essex Museum

Bridget Devlin, Evaluation & Interpretive Planner

Juliette Fritsch, Chief of Education and Interpretation / Digita11y Director & Lead Investigator

Anna Foucher, Project Coordinator, Education and Interpretation

Emily Fry,  Lead Interpretation Planner

Sara Hepburn, Project Coordinator, Education and Interpretation

Jim Olson, Director of Integrated Media

Plimoth Plantation

Rachel LaDine, Lead Graphic Designer

Jessica Rudden, Deputy Director, Media, Design and Collections

Prime Access Consulting

Sina Bahram, President


Halsey Burgund, Sound Artist & Creator of Roundware

Smithsonian Institution

Daniel Davis, Manager, Media Group

Beth Ziebarth, Director of the Accessibility Program

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