Please contribute!

Roundware and The Access App are both examples of open source software that anyone is freely licensed to use. You may copy, study, and modify the software in any way. The source code for Roundware and The Access App is openly shared, and you are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software.


Many museums will find that in order to get started with Roundware and the Access App they will need a software developer and appropriate server setup.

Technical Documentation for Developers

For information on installing The Access App, please start by reading the README on GitHub.

How do I set up the server?

Information on proper server setup can be found here:
Github Roundware Server Setup

Where can I find the iOS App Code?

Use this as an example and at your own risk; this project is still in beta. Get the code here: Github Roundware iOS

Where can I find information on the iOS framework?

Information on the iOS Framework, updated for api v2 and re-built in Swift can be found here: Github Roundware iOS Framework

What are the different pieces of the system?

Roundware Guide: Architecture and Playlist Diagrams with Descriptions

Technical Report on the Outcomes of the Access App Project